WTS 13x plex 65$

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    WTS 13x plex for 65$ I will only sell to someone with atleast a decent amount of feedback to reduce the risk of me being scammed. If you have exceptional feedback then I may be willing to send the plex before payment is recieved but your feedback must assure me you are not likely to be a scammer.. for anyone trying to determine who I am via my username here you will not find anything because I have never used this username before. but for you special people who are curious I will offer up my forum identity for the 2 forums where I have been registered for a long time. Rage3D Discussion Area Join Date: Feb 13, 2002 Posts Total Posts: 1,357 (0.33 posts per day) Overclockers UK Forums Joined: 22nd Nov 2005 Total Posts: 21,609 Posts Per Day: 7.97 I have edited my signature on both sites to confirm "I am raknor1111" If you happen to post on ocuk and have access to the members market they you can check my "trust feedback" (they dont allow the sale of non physical items or I would sell them there) I recently activated my account because of the eve itch but quickly decided I cant be bothered because nearly everyone I knew in eve has quit and getting into a 0.0 alliance without having friends that can let me walk in would be to much effort. Here you can confirm I recently activated my account Overclockers UK Forums - View Single Post - The *Official* Eve Online Thread Yea I only had 2.8bil then but I have since sold that char for isk on the eve forum. I don't know anything else I can do to install confidence in the people with "good feedback" without giving away enough information to steal my real life identity which is something obviously only an love you would do. - - - Updated - - - BTW on that ocuk eve-online thread you can also see me talking about "back on my old char I used to be in the curse alliance back in 2003/2004 on my original character" and how I havent had an eve-online account active for over 2 years. Which should give some credibility to my reasons for quitting eve once and for all as I explained in the above post. ://forums.overclockers.co.uk/showthread.php?p=23991190#post23991190 Just read all my replies in that thread from there and take note of the post dates which confirms my account has only been reactived since march, I also mention how I was training for pvp with the plans of getting back into a 0.0 alliance like I was on my original character. BTW if someone with 0 feedback wishes to buy this I will allow your to pay first but I must insist you pay me via a 14,500 GOLD gift to me on the european world of tanks server which by my calculations should cost roughly 62$ This is also the reasoning behind my price point of 65$ I just want enough money to buy a tier 8 premiun tank in WOT
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