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    So, I've been playing for ages and it's time for me to move on. Rarely have time to play at all and most of my friends have either stopped playing or they're just no longer my mates. Time to move on. Anyways, here's the low-down. ------------------------------------------------------- This is an absolute DREAM character with no waste with 99.35% of SP in Combat and 0.65% in Industry. It's a sub-cap GOD and a capital/super-capital LEGEND. Able to fly max Aeon/Nyx/Archon/Moros as well as being able to playerup ALL Titan Skillbooks. Positive Wallet, Can enter all space, located in Jita. Core skills and supports are obviously excellent and there are tonnes that are awesome but not worth mention and probably some cool stuff I've forgotten, I'll pm you the full list for your viewing pleasure if you're a serious buyer. Highlights: 40-50b* in wallet, 10b in assets. *I'd like to give an old friend 10b as a farewell gift, but the full amount can be made available. 135m+ SP, Caldari Born, but flies everything. All T2 Large, medium and small weaponry: Hybrids, Lasers, Projectiles, Missiles. Large Blaster Spec V Medium Autocannon Spec V All Battleships, Cruisers, Frigates V Assault Frigates V Inty V Interdictor V Cov Ops V Recon V Logistics V Heavy Assault Cruiser V Commandships V Marauders V Mega-highlights: Fighters V Fighter Bombers V Capital Hybrid V (Excellent for Titan and Dread) Siege V Triage V Capital Repair Systems V Jump Drive Calibration/Fuel Conservation both V Gallente Dread V Gallente Carrier V (Max Nyx/Thanatos) Amarr Carrier V (Max Aeon/Archon) Capital Ships V, Can playerup Titan book for ALL RACES. Ultra-highlight: HG Crystals, HG Slaves + Akemons, HG Snakes, +5 clone. All Pirate implant clones have Hardwirings for damage. Payment must be made in USD. Pilots name will not be given under any circumstances, transfer of character will occur once funds are transferred.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.