WTS: 13,87 M-SP Gallente allrounder. great starter char.

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    Can mine (hulk), explore, run level 4 missions and a ton of other stuff There isn't a whole lot of ISK on the char, so i advise buying some form the other vendors on the site. The price im looking for is about 90* USD via paypal. X Attributes Intelligence: 24,00 Perception: 23,00 Charisma: 20,00 Willpower: 23,00 Memory: 24,00 Corporation Management level1 Anchoring Total Skillpoints in Group: 750 Drones level5 Combat Drone Operation level3 Drone Durability level5 Drone Interfacing level4 Drone Navigation level4 Drone Sharpshooting level5 Drones level3 Gallente Drone Specialization level3 Heavy Drone Operation level3 Mining Drone Operation level1 Repair Drone Operation level5 Scout Drone Operation level1 Sentry Drone Interfacing Total Skillpoints in Group: 2.575.910 Electronics level4 Cloaking level1 Electronic Warfare level5 Electronics level5 Electronics Upgrades level4 Long Range Targeting level1 Multitasking level2 Propulsion Jamming level4 Signature Analysis level5 Survey level5 Targeting Total Skillpoints in Group: 2.000.099 Engineering level3 Energy Emission Systems level4 Energy Grid Upgrades level4 Energy Management level3 Energy Pulse Weapons level5 Energy Systems Operation level5 Engineering level4 Shield Management level3 Shield Operation level3 Shield Upgrades Total Skillpoints in Group: 930.040 Gunnery level5 Gunnery level1 Large Hybrid Turret level3 Medium Hybrid Turret level2 Motion Prediction level3 Small Hybrid Turret level4 Weapon Upgrades Total Skillpoints in Group: 389.999 Industry level3 Ice Harvesting level5 Industry level5 Mining level4 Mining Upgrades level4 Plagioclase Processing level2 Production Efficiency level4 Refinery Efficiency level5 Refining level4 Scordite Processing level4 Veldspar Processing Total Skillpoints in Group: 1.232.793 Mechanic level1 Armor Rigging level5 Hull Upgrades level4 Jury Rigging level5 Mechanic level3 Remote Armor Repair Systems level4 Repair Systems level3 Salvaging level2 Shield Rigging Total Skillpoints in Group: 980.582 Missile Launcher Operation level1 Defender Missiles Missile Launcher Operation Standard Missiles Total Skillpoints in Group: 2.415 Navigation Afterburner Evasive Maneuvering Navigation Warp Drive Operation Total Skillpoints in Group: 366.268 Planet Management Command Center Upgrades Interplanetary Consolidation Planetology Remote Sensing Total Skillpoints in Group: 133.255 Science Archaeology Astrogeology Astrometric Acquisition Astrometric Pinpointing Astrometric Rangefinding Astrometrics Cybernetics Electromagnetic Physics Electronic Engineering Gallente Encryption Methods Hacking Infomorph Psychology Science Total Skillpoints in Group: 2.531.134 Social Connections Diplomacy Negotiation Social Total Skillpoints in Group: 181.504 Spaceship Command Assault Ships Battlecruisers Covert Ops Destroyers Exhumers Gallente Battleship Gallente Cruiser Gallente Frigate Gallente Industrial Mining Barge ORE Industrial Spaceship Command Total Skillpoints in Group: 2.552.619 Total Skillpoints: 13.877.367 Total Number of Skills: 96 Skills at Level 1: 14 Skills at Level 2: 6 Skills at Level 3: 29 Skills at Level 4: 24 Skills at Level 5: 23 ---------- Post added 04-10-2011 at 06:15 PM ---------- I know paypal isn't optimal, but its pretty much my only option sincei i don't have a creditcard.
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