[WTS] 1265 Elo Account - 33 Skins - 81 Champions - 9 Rune Pages

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    Hello, here is one account I'll be selling. I'll be opening a thread probably either later today or tomorrow of many additional accounts that I'm selling, but as of now, I don't have the time to check all of them. 1782 RP/3652 IP (Possibly more) Champions NOT Owned: gyazo/a8d68c8e8f2cc2259a50ecbb12f10834 Rune Pages: gyazo/ee94dbf6b528bfe3590d84e3036bd20b List of Skins Owned: Red Ridding Annie Frankentibbers Arctic Warfare Caitlyn Pulsefire Ezreal Royal Guard Fiora Nightraven Fiora Atlantean Fizz Fisherman Fizz Spooky Gangplank Desert Trooper Garen Frostblade Irelia Hextech Janna Temple Jax Unmasked Kayle Judgment Kayle Mistletoe LeBlanc Valkyrie Leona Iron Solari Leona Bittersweet Lulu Wicked Lulu Shamrock Malphite Noxus Poppy Surgeon Shen Lumberjack Sion Guqin Sona Arcade Sona Dryad Soraka Emerald Taric Bloodstone Taric Volcanic Wukong General Wukong Jade Dragon Wukong Time Machine Zilean Add me on Skype for any additional information: ayzhin
Thread Status:
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