WTS 125m SP GOD character

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    This character can fly pretty much every combat ship (excl. Titans which it is not far from doing) It can use all T2 weapons with expert proficiency. (16m gunnery 12.5m Missile) It has superb leadership skill having everything at V except Fleet and Info Warfare. Excellent drone skills (7m SP) as well as 7m SP in each of electronics and engineering. 6m in navigation. Has level V in all T3 subsystems and over 33m in spaceship command (can fly all carriers, supers and dreads). Cybernetics V and Thermo Dynamics V and 4 research agents with the standing to use them. currently has over 35b isk on hand and 25+ bill in easily liquidated assets (at current buy order price, not sell) and several billion more in less liquid assets. If purchased for asking price I will throw in a 40m SP leadership/pvp character that can be on its own account or transferred to the current main account. asking 1500 USD for the whole kit and kaboodle. Prefer paypal gift but we can discuss
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.