WTS: 12 Million SP Raven Battleship PilotMiddleman Seller Guide

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    Server : Tranquility
    Character : Reflections
    Skill points : 12,653,615
    0.7 sec
    37million isk
    Assets around 300 million isk (90mil Raven Battleship, full named arbalest cruise launchers, tech II PDU, looting indy ship, Political and Military Connections skill books 50 million each, full mission running gear with active shield hardners, BCS, XL shield booster + boost amp etc etc.)

    Max Learning (11 skills at V)

    Drones - 301,789

    Engineering/Electronics decent but need work

    Missiles -
    Cruise Missiles IV (90% done)
    Guided Missile Precision V
    Target Navigation Prediction V
    Warhead Upgrades V
    Rest at 2/3

    Spaceship Command V
    Caldari Battleship V
    Caldari Cruiser IV
    Caldari Frigate IV
    Caldari Indy III

    Selling for US$150 / ~AUS$170

    Character has a good rep, skills specifically for combat (can solo level IV missions easily) and is well trained. This was my second character and thus was well planned out in terms of skills.

    No play time on the account. Not in a corporation.

    To buy an account like this off an account site is around US$300-400.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.