WTS 118M SP Max Leviathan / Wyvern Pilot

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    Hiya Wanting to sell my character, here are the details for you. Character Race / Gender: Female Negative 2 Sec Status Include the following jump clones: +5 Set - Charisma Low-Grade Nomad Set w/ +5 hardwiring Low-Grade Snake Set High Grade Crystal Set High Grade Slave Set Skill Highlights: Drones: Fighter Bombers 5 Sentry Drone 5 Heavy Drone 5 Electronics: Cyno 5 Electronic Warfare 5 Electronic Upgrades 5 Engineering: 9m SP In engineering, all 5 except for: EXP / KIN / Regular Shield Compensation / shield / energy emissions (Capital) (meh) Gunnery: Large Hybrid 5 Good support skills Leadership: All skills to 5 (14m SP) Shield Rigging 5 Missile: 12m sp in missiles Navigation: All jump skills to 5 Has DD 5 / JPG 5 / Biology 5 Spaceship Command: 31m SP in SC Caldari Carrier / Titan 5 Commandships 5 Heavy interdictors 5 Black Ops 5 You can reach me via private message on this forum, the price for this character is negotiable, but i'm looking for around $1300.00 via Paypal Gift or can go through Thanks
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