[WTS] 11 Million SP Hulk Orca Pilot ($80)

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    eve online character
    he is has 11 mill skill points
    his skill range from mining to flying op's ship to t3 ships
    a few of the ships he can fly
    mining /
    is can also fly faction bs's and t3

    he has top standings with most of the corps in cal space and has a hi standing with the space cops

    the account comes with around
    600 mill worth of ships
    and has around 120 mill isk

    for a better view of his skill i can email them
    the account has around 2 weeks game time left on it to run

    if this is won on the buy it now .
    i will also add a second account in that is a 6.9 mill skill point toon
    that is skilled as indy and some pvp
    so u would be getting two accounts for a cheap price.
    the second account just need turning back on as hes been of line for just over 2 weeks .
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.