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    Hello Summoners, I have a wonderful Silver 2 account for sale that has basically everything and is missing just a few champions (I will list the champions missing below since that would be easier). This account has every single T3 Rune you can possibly own for competitive play. I am the original owner and will provide all of the original account details (IP address, city created, first 5 champions bought ect..) I am 28 years old and looking to step away from League of Legends and regain some of the massive amount of money I have spent on the game over the years. Below will be contact information to ask about the account and further detailed information regarding the account. CHAMPIONS MISSING: *Quinn *Trundle *Varus *Vi *Zac *Ziggs SKINS *Infernal Alistar *Golden Alistar *Woad Ashe *iBlitzcrank *Vandal Brand *Siren Cassiopeia *Nightraven Fiora *Enchanted Galio *Spooky Gangplank *Traditional Karma *Harbringer Kassadin *Wicked Leblanc *Spelltheif Lux *Infernal Mordekaiser *Exiled Morgana *Armor of the Fifth Age Taric *Vandal Vladimir CONTACT INFORMATION: Please add me VIA : AccountsBaySeller - - - Updated - - - BUMP
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.