WTS: 103m SP Subcap GOD + Assets

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    Highlights: > 103m Skill Points > Barely any industry (under 500k SP) - Industy 5, Mining barge 3, Minmatar indy 2 > Extremely minmal Cap ship waste - Amarr carrier 3 and fighters 2 (logistical) > Can fly ANY T2 ship with max skills ALL subcapital combat ships at 5 > All T2 weapon systems > All T3 trained, all mandatory subsystems to 5 > FULL set of HG crystals, slaves and talismans! (~6b ISK) > More than 2 Billion liquid ISK / ~10b in assets (x-type fitted Vargur, Archon, TONS of t1/t2 ships) This pilot is easily one of the best trained subcap PvP characters IN THE GAME. I have had offers for over 40b ISK for him alone, with assets/implants and such this pilot is easily worth over 55-60b ISK. Just to lowball myself, say the total account is worth 50b. That's $1000 worth of ISK if you bought ISK at the absolute cheapest price of $20. If you bought the ISK legally through CCP it would equate to about $2300. Open to offers, would also be interested in trading for an insane WoW account, but it would have to be an equal value to this one + be repped out the *** AIM/E-mail: [email protected]
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