WTS: 102mill sp EVE PVP SUPER CARRIER GOD sitting in SUPER 45+bill in isk and assets

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    Finished Eve. I know it sounds funny but there is nothing left in game for me, this toon has done it all which is why I'm bored of the game and selling off this account. Also comes with 41mill Thanatos pilot but not really important. THIS TOON: 100+mill in sp Can fly multi race supers Fighter 5 and bombers Flies 3 races spec'd out Only non pvp skills are PI which are making about 100mill a month passively The good stuff: Sitting on 45-50 billion in assets and ISK Owns and uses super to run complexs/anoms and is making 300-500mill a night, with drops about 3-4bill a week To many assets to list but faction BS's fleets of tengus, lokis and realted ALL ships are officer or DED fit In excellent pvp alliance in one of the richest regions Selling for $3500US For both our safety I will not give out account details until funds are received Western union is fine but i find it dodgy. I rather have wire transfer and talk with you on phone or email to discuss accounts that are included in this as there are multiple toons in multiple accounts. ALL ARE MY TOONS ALL EMAIL ADDRESSES ARE MINE ALL ACCOUNTS ARE IN MY NAME It's a good deal, ISK is worth about $1200 alone. Email me and we can talk out it. I'm in North America, am open to sending Screens but please be aware that I'm sitting in my super so it will be pics of assets, ship and related. Also has 4 clones with all high grade sets
Thread Status:
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