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    Hi, I'm currently lvl 83 and I've been playing PoE since OB. We're a group of hardcore gamers, I've been in top 20-40 but currently around 30th. All of my group members are in top 10. I have past experience with trading D3, GW2 and WoW gold. I am farming my own currency and I also have a few friends that helps me selling currency. Always post here first and add my account : deimon.x1 You'll never meet a friendlier trader than me! I can talk alot and since I'm a hardcore gamer and played alot PoE, I give tips about the game, I give price checks, etc. I'm also giving nice discounts (5%-15%) to good customers / bigger packs and hooking you up with some free stuff (gems and rares) from my personal stash! Price list for softcore (UPDATED DAILY - PRICES MAY VARY) (I'm not listing number of instock since my currency's amounts are changing too often, I always complete anyone's orders, np) Orb of Transmutation $0.05 Orb of Alteration $0.10 Armourer's scrap $0.10 Blacksmith's Whetstone $0.10 Glassblower's Bauble $0.10 Chromatic orb $0.15 Jeweler's orb $0.25 Chance orb $0.25 Fusing orb $1.00 Scouring orb $1.00 Alchemy orb $1.00 Regret orb $1.50 Chaos orb $1.50 Regal orb $2.90 Gemcutter's prism $4.50 Divine orb $10.00 Exalted orb $18.00 Prices in hardcore are x1.5 more. I'm also selling gems, I currently have a tab in stash full so let me know which one you need. (Got 80% of the gems) Gems are going from 1$ to 15$ (depending on rarity of the gem and quality) Few prices (no quality) : Portal : 15$ GMP : 9$ Faster casting : 3$ Reduced mana : 3$ Blood magic : 2$ Purity : 2$ Clarity : 2$ Spell totem : 2$ Discipline : 2$ I'm also selling rares / uniques, just name me what you need and give me a budget you're willing to spend. I accept paypal and I am verified. Also accept D3 gold (Softcore - US)
Thread Status:
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