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    This account has: - 3 level 50 characters (sage, sentinel, scoundrel) - all 3 characters have 3 max professions each (synthweaving, cybertech, bioanalysis) and appropriate gathering/mission skills for each. - rare designs for making money including strength columi implant designs. scoundrel has cybertech earpieces which sell for 50k each and can be made very easily. sell 2-3 per day. - sage is main character and has full columi gear about 4 rakata pieces. full raid healer can heal HM easily, ready for nightmare mode. 5/5 both HM raids. - scoundrel has mostly champion pvp gear, some centurion, 1 columi. Sentinel has centurion pvp gear and some champion. - can be transferred to Oceanic servers as account is registered in Australia - have many cool rare names reserved on 4 servers, 8 slots each server with awesome names. I reserved these names at first wave of early release. sentinel was first character and has very cool name that many people want, people often comment on the name and say how good it is. i have this name reserved on 3-4 servers. - about 2 million credits and many crafting materials and spare gear - preorder bonus items. - sage has all datacrons for her stats including level 50 10 to all stats; scoundrel has most datacrons for his stats. - all characters have completed class story lines - scoundrel has cybertech unique level 50 speeder - all have daily commendations unspent, about 100 between the 3 characters. it has legacy level 24, which is very high legacy. MM04125813 mmogarden
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.