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    Account veteran with 22 Mounth reward sended at all 8 character. Main is Ranger, female with around 35kk KINAH all camp. quest and important questare done, a lot of consumable and 700k AP in relic around 40 platinum medal (ready for 3.0:P) both gather are almost at max level,all stigma elite (ligthing arrow and agonized arrow in WH) weapon ABG 55 eternal pvp Bow 10 merged with crucibile level2 conditioning pvp bow (13%pvp dmg only bow) with Stun Godstone, all jewel eternal 55 PVP ABG Eternal corundum glasses with very strong MR and HP(max PVP dmg in game) in WH have lakane hat but the glasses are the best choice for all, this character have 4 different gear, 1st: 50 elite pvp 13 socket with HP CRIT remodelled with rare shop skin (not present in shop at the moment) used for solo PVP or tank some PVE boss. 2nd: 55 Crucibile coliseum eternal set mix leather and cloth for take the best stat like atk speed (most pieces are level 2 ench) this set have 3 pieces (leg, chest, boots) 10 other 1/2 socket with Magic resist tot 1945 MR used for Zerg PVP/siege/arena this set are remodelled with the skin selled by the rare shugo at silentera canyon set dyed red/white. 3th set are Fenris all set are socket full attack all pieces are 1/2 not need more stone cause ill use for istance and PVE (attack stone rise DPS of autoattack). 4th set are 3/5 crucibile 2nd level conditioning leather socket with Magic accurancy stone, the set is not complete but i have a lot of medal pvp/pve in WH so if you are interessed to finish this set u have opportonity to buy the other pieces (gloves Boots). Craft: i have in this character coocking at520 with a lot of recipe for make a lot food and drink (gold recipe/balic recipe and more) , handy at 489 with a lot of rare recipe like (basaim bow, drazma bow , balic 50 bow and more) this profession are good for make some extra money , alchemy 299. one of other character are a Sorcer lvl 50 with very rare spellbook (elite balic lvl50 gold one) merged with lvl 30 pvp spellbook 17?stspeed the book are rise at 12 and have Silcence Godstone , this sorcer have full 30 elite PVP set all 15 and gloves with cast speed lvl41 15 , lakane hat lord balaur crown all set are remodelled with a realy amazing skin 50 cloth balic , in this character have tailoring master 400 with a lot of recipe for make money. then the Gladiator lvl 46 with full lvl 33 expert gold set gloves 40 elite pvp 10 and Kromede extendible spear 13 merged with a balic spear for atk speed realy fun on rift and a decent dps in pve, in this character i have alckemy at 399 if u wonna make master just do the quest but i use it for make all consumable for pvp/pve like scroll and potion. other character are a Cleric lvl 37 not special gear or weapon but have a master in armorsmithing with a lot of recipe (money maker or enchant maker) and have all veteran reward sended in mail, like AP item and platinum medal. This account is one of the TOP at the moment Asmodian side Perento server all you need for it is skill! All charcter in this account have pet shugo for storage/wolf for looting and acquagrifo storage/alert, Ranger have a lot of other pet, this account are ready to play just set up your keybind and go, cute remodel amazing DPS . For the delivery time, please feel free to contact with our live support. NO.3Z03066636 plz dont hesitate,add my icq:633172023 Or add my :[email protected]
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