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    My sales on playerup.com (Rastex): playerup.com/showthread.php?t=1396390 My sales on (de3mka): /forum/diablo-3-trading/1922027-wts-diablo-3-gold-eu-softcore.html#post17020872 12.8 2011 Changelog: Only logged in members can see this post. 8.7. 2011 Changelog: New faster way added. share desktop. 30.6.2011 Changelog: After tons of complains why sellers ought to pay less fee than buyers, fees raised to 10%-10%. Both parties now pay 10%. THE ONLY CONTACT IS "ELLIOT16" OR "[email protected]", DON'T BELIEVE SCAMMERS WHO CLAIM OTHERWISE. I will not pm to confirm my identity here on forum, I have my personal reasons for this. Thanks for understanding. Hello! Many of you are scared to trade with people on maxcheaters, you are accusing each other of being scammers and eventually you don't complete the trade. It is very hard to be the first one to give out an item or money. Let's say you want to buy character in Lineage 2 from a guy with 1-5 posts, you can't tell whether the person's scammer or not. You're deffinitely not gonna send out the money first, because you know you might get scammed. Because of this, a lot of trades have never been done and were cancelled. Well today's your day. I offer you a "moderate trade", or a 3rd person trade, where you trade your stuff through me, which is 100% secure. And who am I? Quote History: I joined max-leeching-s.gr 3 years ago, I really liked the forum so I was active and I shared a lot of things. Then I became Golden Member, which was a miracle for me, I was so happy about that that I started doing even better. Shared a lof of useful staff, cleaning the trash out of the forum, helping people, then I became Lineage 2 Moderator since my Lineage 2 knowledge is very good. I've been playing Lineage 2 since Chronicle 1, so I think this rank for propriate for me. Then I stopped playing Lineage 2 for like a year, because of exams time, and I, slowly but still, was demoted. Present: The only thing I do on maxcheaters now is selling Adena, Characters and Stuff in Lineage 2. I have dozens of possitive feedbacks here: maxcheaters/forum/index.php?topic=186916.0 , my forum e-shop. So far I've done approximately over 300 sucessful trades. Trades are usually completed within 2 minutes, there's no need for taking long time, is there? The person sends money, I accept it, I give them what they want - done. Future: I'd like to enable a "moderate trade" or "3rd person trade" to everybody, who are not scammers but are considered ones. So what exactly is Moderate trade and how does it work? Moderate trade is a trade, when there is a somebody who is the trade done through (obviously me) . This way the trade is done with 100% safety. And why I am the moderator of a moderate trades? I think I've done many successful trades that I am kind of trustworthy over the other members. What is this recommended for? Moderate trade is recommended when you want to buy/trade: Virtual Currency (example: Adena), and Virtual Goods (Characters, Equipment, Weapons, Armors, etc.), How does it exactly work? 1) The only possible payment is through Paypal(your account must be verified) 2) Buyer pays 10% fee, seller pays 10% fee(fees are final price fees) 3) Update: 7.4.2011 : You must send money as "Gift" and you pay the fees. If you send it with any other option, I will refund the money and the trade will be canceled. I'll show you how does moderate trade works on situations: 1) You heard that somebody sells good character on RPG-CLUB 15x (or any other server) and you want to buy it, but you're scared that the person might scam you Moderate Trade: You, me, and the person with character get on /. The person (seller) wants 200 euros for the character, you send 220 (200+10% fee of Buyer) euros to me, and the person gives you the character. You log-in, see if everything is okay with character, change e-mail, change password, do whatever you want. When you confirm everything is okay, I send 180(-10% fee of Seller) to the seller. If you don't like the character because of some reason, you give the seller character back (you must return it in the state it was when he gave the acc to you), and I send you money back. 2)You want to buy epic items which cost lots of money (Valaks, Zaken, Antharass..) 8.7. 2011 UPDATE: Now I don't need to be present in the game during the trade. Buyer will have to simply share the desktop though . I will be watching over the trade. Simple , fast. Q: Why does seller give Lain the epic item? Why can't he just give the epic item to the buyer himself? A: When the seller gives the epic item to the buyer, buyer can be a love you and say "No, no, he didn't give me anything" when you really gave him the item. I can't really scan your minds, so I wouldn't be able to confirm whether it's true or not. 3)You want to buy adena. Same as with epic stuff. Conclusion: As a buyer, you can make sure you won't be scammed. As a seller, you can make sure your deals will go faster, and nobody will be scared to trade with you. Let others know, that you're not a scammer and if they want to then you can use our 100% secure moderate trade service. Add this banner to your topic when selling your stuff: Code: [Select] [=maxcheaters/forum/index.php?topic=202247.0][​IMG][/] Once the trade is successful, the money is not refundable! If you get banned for trading for real money the day after the trade, it's none of my business. So make sure you check server's rules Contact: : [email protected] : elliot16
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