WTB/WTT(WoW Acc.) For Aion Acc./5.9K+GS Ret Pally with Thunderfury and Chopper/10k+G

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    I am looking for an Aion account. A Ranger, Spirit Master, Sorcerer or Templar will be a huge plus as would an account with multiple characters (they don't all have to be 50) but I would prefer at least one level 50. I am not too concerned with gear. I am willing to buy the account or trade my decked out WoW account for it. I can give more info on my WoW account upon request but I will give the basics. He has over a 5900 GS and is in a guild working on Hard Mode LK. He also has pretty good gear for both Holy and Protection as well as a full set of Ret PvP Gear and Nostalgia gear. The guild doesn't know my voice so you could easily stay in the guild if you wanted too. He has the legendary weapon Thunderfury and is working on the quest chain for Shadowmourne. He has over 10k Gold as well as 450 Mining and Jewelcrafting. He also has a Motorcycle and other rare mounts and titles. He also has a lot of nostalgia gear including T1 and T2 as well as other items from back in the day. He also has tons and tons of mats, gear, and cool items in the bank. There is also a level 70 Death Knight on the account with some Heirloom gear. He could easily be much more geared and have over a 6.2k Gearscore but I haven't been playing lately and because of this I obviously haven't been going to guild raids. You can contact me on AIM - TheIonMan12 (Copy/Paste) Only AIM I use. I have been a member on here/. for five years and have perfect feedback. So you don't have to worry about being scammed or dealing with someone who doesn't know what they're doing. With that said, don't bother trying to scam me either, over my five years here I have seen every trick in the book. Please don't waste my time or your time. I expect you to have some sort of rep or to have been around for a decent amount of time. If I were to buy an account or trade for one a phone call will be required. No exceptions. Paypal will be my method of payment if that is what I end up doing. Again, please contact me on AIM. If you do not have AIM you can send me a PM through the site or leave your email and I will contact you. I also have Messenger. Thanks for your time and I hope I can not only find what I'm looking for but help someone else get what they're looking for
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