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    As the title says i'm looking for offers based on the following deal. My NCSoft Master account contains the following. Aion : The two chars on it And the account status : Never botted , no RMT , it's a PREORDER + CE , i also have the box , figurine , posters and everything it came with and i can ship it if asked for. The account is payed till 26 april. It will reach the 6 months veteran rewards and gain you access to the new wings. The extra accounts you see in my NCSoft master acc page are a guild wars trial account and another aion preorder account lol. Guild Wars : The account is 37 months old , that's three years. I will present a few screenshots below just so you can have an idea of what's on the account and i'll try to list some of the many items on it. Ele : Weapons : Hajkor's Flame , Lian's Lantern , Galigord's Stone Staff , Dolyak Prod Staff of Enchanting/Fortitude , Flint's Fleshcleaver , Flame Staff , Onyx Staff Armors : Primeval Armor , Vabbian Armor , Destroyer Gloves , Dread Mask , Tinted Spectacles Armor Color : Black Mesmer : Weapons : Wayward Wand , Rose Focus , Lotus Staff , Fuchsia Staff , Gemstone Staff , Dragon Spire Staff Armor : Elite Enchanter's Armor Color : White Dervish : Weapons : Tengu playerup.com , Cerulean Edge , Enameled Shield Armor : Monument Armor Armor Color : Blue/Teal Monk : Weapons : Droknar's Smiting Scepter+Focus , Dunshek's Purifier+Droknar's Healing Focus , Iridescent Aegis , Collosal Scimitar , Cleaver ( Dyed Black ) , Jayne's Staff , Grim Cesta ( -50 hp one ) Armor : Elite Kurzik + Elite Luxon Top , Canthan Armor Color : Black Ranger : Weapons : Skull Recurve Bow , Nevermore Flatbow ( Bonus Item ) ,Elswyth Longbow , Chkkr's Flatbow , Plagueborn Recurve Bow ( Old School 15^50 q9 ) Armor : Norn Armor Armor Color : White Necromancer : Weapons : Moldavite Staff , Grim Cesta ( Not the -50 hp one ) , Asuran Death Scepter , The Stonereaper , Destructive Focus Armor : Asuran Armor , Dread mask , Tinted Spectacles , Slim Spectacles Armor Color : Green Assassin : Weapons : Icy Sickles , Stilletos , Raven Staff of Enchanting , Clockwork playerup.com Armor : Shing Jea 1,5k + Grenth's Costune Armor Color : Default Warrior : Weapons : Fiery Blade Axe , Shadow Blade , Elemental Sword , Ball Hammer , Clockwork playerup.com Armor : Primeval Armor Set , Silver Eagle Armor Set , 15k Gladiator Top + Monument gauntlets + Monument Boots + Vabbian Skirt , Bandana , Slim Spectacles Armor Color : While ( Just the mixed set ) Paragon : Weapons : Bronzehead Spear , The Darksong , Sunburst Spear , Nightmare Spear Armor : Norn Armor , Tribal Shield , Vabbian Bastion , Vabbian Defender Armor Color : Blue Ritualist : Weapons : Droknar's Spawning Staff , Bogroot Staff Armor : Ancient Armor , Norn Armor Armor Color : Black for the Ancient Set , White for the Norn Set What you need to know about the account : *It has access to all campaigns. Prophecies + Factions + Nightfall + Eye of the North *It has access to the 4th Anniversary Storage Panel , It has an extra storage panel i bought. *It has 10 Character Slots , all are used by PvE chars you can see above. *It has access to Bonus Missionpack ( You can see my dervish has a Tengu playerup.com ) So that means you have some great skinned gold items available. *I bought the Pet Unlock Pack . You will have all pets in the Zaishen Menagerie , including my own addition , a black moa. There's also a Black Moa Chick on the account. *I bought the Prophecies+Factions+Nightfall+EotN Skill unlock pack. If you make a PvP Char , you WILL be able to roll anything any high end PvP group needs. *There are bonus items available trough the /bonus command. *It has the Asmodian Wing signature ( /wings emote ) because my Aion Account was C.E. *It has the Limited Edition Wintersday Costume Pack ( Dwayna and Grenth costumes ) *It has roughly 200 platinum in storage and across chars ( 168k or so in storage ) *All chars are geared and ready to play so you wont need to spend another dime for that. Character Previews : Elementalist : Mesmer : Dervish : Monk : Ranger : Necromancer : Assassin : Warrior : Paragon : Ritualist : Exteel : This account is pretty new but i did spend some cash for NCCoins to purchase some neat mech parts and weapons. -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. Now what i'm looking for is : I want to trade all of the above AND with an extra 50 / 60 bucks ( i think that's how much i got on my credit card atm lol ) , preferably for a level 50 aion character ( preferablyyyyy on castor or gorgos but anywhere is fine really ). If anyone is interested feel free to drop a message in the thread or contact me via a PM. I am the ORIGINAL OWNER OF ALL ACCOUNTS. I can provide full details / change emails according to your needs to ensure a safe deal. P.S : I'm still playing the GW and Aion accounts therfore characters levels in Aion might go up and money in GW as well.
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