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    [COLOR=#33FF33:: Note: I sell both WoW & AoC accounts. As time passes, you will see more AoC accounts on the image catalog above. :: :: GO TO janosukarya FOR A FULL DESCRIPTION OF THE LISTED ACCOUNTS :: :: NOTE THAT YOU MUST POST HERE BEFORE CONTACTING ME ON AIM/ OR I CAN NOT RESPOND FULLY, MAINLY FOR SECURITY REASONS THX :: </span> I am a seller with high reputation, 30+ positive Feedback on my reputation thread. Out of all these sales, I very seldom use PayPal, as most PayPal payments are scams. I will only do PayPal to people with amazing reputation as well. (That is +15 positive feedback at least. If you have less, use the other methods please thanks.) I am completely safe with the other payment methods such as Western Union, or Bank Transfer. All these methods are very easy, you do not need to have a Western Union account, it can all be done in under 15 minutes, and takes another 15 minutes for the money to arrive. I will guide you step by step online. <span style=]span> 1. Look at the listing above: SOLD obviously means its sold ;p. BID! means you need to contact me and make an offer. $YELLOW means that the specified amount is the set BUY IT NOW price for the account. 2. Contact me on AIM/. 3. Agree on price/terms. 4. Send Western Union payment. 5. I receive the payment and E-Mail/PM all account info and give E-mail change. Contact me: - AIM: jano1985 - : [email protected] (I never open my mailbox don't bother please [COLOR=#CC33CCPayment Method: </span> - Bank Transfer (3 days, less costly) - Western Union (15 minutes, more costly) - NO PAYPAL UNLESS YOU HAVE AN AMAZING REPUTATION. (15+ Feedback) (DO NOT TRY TO CONVINCE ME TO USE PAYPAL UNLESS YOU HAVE 15+ spamsite FEEDBACK, I WILL NOT BUDGE AT ALL.) - I am 100% secure, check my repthreads, and I am a very helpful person on AIM. - I am not interested in trading or renting any of the accounts. <span style=]bank with a Western Union logo on it. To find one near you go to westernunion , and click find an agent. - It can be done online, but all my customers agree that doing it offline is less troublesome. - It is available in every country, form Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. - Western Union payments are IRREVERSIBLE. That's why you DON'T want to use Western Union to people with anything less than an AMAZING Reputation. Note that people with 10+ Positive Ratings can still end up being a scammer. 2. How is it done? - Prepare cash + 10% Extra as Western Union charge 6-10% of the payment value. - Find an agent near you and go there. - Tell them "Hi I want to send a Western Union payment." - They will give you a form, fill it in with your name/address, and my name/address, and pay them the amount you desire to send. - If asked what for, just be honest and say it is for a purchase of an item, but ASSURE them that you know what you are doing and that you know of the dangers of scams using Western Union. Assure them that the seller (me) has astounding reputation and is extremely reliable. 3. After paying them what happens? - You will receive an MTCN, this stands for "Money Transfer Control Number". It is a 10 digit number that belongs to your money transfer. - Send me the 10 digit MTCN, your first and last name, and your city and country to my e-mail. - I will pick up money 3PM everyday except Sunday because they are not open here on sunday. - DONE =)[/COLOR] [COLOR=#CC33CCTerms and Disclaimer:</span> - Account is sold as is. After buyer receives account he is responsible for keeping the account secure from hacks, scams and bans. - As the generally accepted rules imply, I can not provide refunds after purchases. Note that we traders also face risks when buying and selling. - I will however help in anyway I can with any issues that arise with your account(s). I do take the extra mile more often than not whenever I can. - I have done everything in my knowledge and power to keep these accounts secure. - Accounts and all property belongs to Blizzard entertainment, not me, not you, not anyone but Blizzard. - There may be mistakes in my descriptions, I'm no robot mister! I try to be as accurate as possible tho. <span style=]reputation page --> [/COLOR]spamsite/forums/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Main/263353/Number/901444 All accounts are on a PvP server with transfers up. The armories of the characters listed below has never been revealed to anyone, I use armoryclone and provide "custom requested" screenshots to prove that I have the account. (e.g. requesting the char to dance under a tree while saying a certain word). I'm also looking to buy PREMIUM Level 80 AOC Accounts (top of the line end game gear, for starters it is full blues, later on it will be mostly epics, up to full epics). Fill in the following form to sell (SEND IT TO [email protected] , do not post your character info on this post, but DO post here saying you have emailed me): 1) Character Name/Server: 2) Race/Class/Gender/US or EU/PvP or PvE server: 3) Gear Summary (How many epics/blues/greens), Mounts: 4) Original Owner and Have ALL Info and Levelled 1-80 Yourself: 5) How long have you owned this char: 6) Gold/Treasures: 7) Have a VERIFIED PayPal Address: 8) A good offer for a safe sale, you MUST mention a dollar value (not answers like "I'm just looking around for offers etc", a number ~please~): Post here, and E-Mail the form to [email protected] <span style="color: #33FF33:: GO TO janosukarya FOR A FULL DESCRIPTION OF THE LISTED ACCOUNTS :: :: NOTE THAT YOU MUST POST HERE BEFORE CONTACTING ME ON AIM/ OR I CAN NOT RESPOND FULLY, MAINLY FOR SECURITY REASONS THX ::[/COLOR]
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