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    Hello everyone: WTB : Two options -A) Ranger: This can be in Telemachus(asmo/ely doesn't matter) or in Nexus (ONLY ELYOS!) -B) Assassin: This has to be ONLY in Nexus server(elyo side) Character requirements: -A good level 55+ weapon -At least lvl 55 coliseum set. -Full stigma trees Max. I want to spend is 20-25€ ,so make sure your account fits with the price or DONT PM! -Im also looking for a NON-GEARED Ranger/Sin (ONLY NEXUS ELYOS) ,and max ill pay for one of these is 15€ . WTT: I have a level 60 sorcerer in Nexus Elyos, and i can trade it for another similar RANGER: This is what i can offer: Veteran Account Level 12/28 +10 Vorpal Tome full M.Boost +25/27 [im trying to get a new weapon but Vasharti keeps resisting on droping that tome ] Full M.Acc +12 L55 Coliseum Set(Conditioning 1) 1.200.000 AP (and ongoing-> add 50-100k AP from each day that passes from the post date) PvE set made of Stormwing parts (2/5) and Tiamat Protectorate(L60) eternal parts(2/5) Muada's Techner Eternal Necklace 200.000.000 Kinah (Maybe more maybe less,it all depends on how my gameplay goes as im still playing the game) 700+ Kahrun Symbols Full PvE L60 Yellow(i think i called fabled) jewelery Enough L80's ,L90's and some L110+ to upgrade ANY weapon/gear to +10/+15 PM here with any questions or your ID's so i can add you. PS: I insist,please,DON'T EVEN BOTHER messaging me if your account is NOT within the stablished prices. -I think it's obvious, but I will ONLY make bussiness with serious 18+ people. In addition,i will request you a photo of any document that verifies your identity. Cheers,Carlos.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.