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    Hello all, I am currently in the market for an above-average abyssea-standard account.

    Couple things I would like the account to be:

    Must be:
    - WHM at 90
    - Mithra, Hume (female), or Tarutaru (make or female np)
    - RoZ, CoP, and ToAU completed
    - Abyssea add-ons all purchased
    - at least BLM and/or SCH 49 for sub

    - AF3+1/+2 and other JSE gear for WHM
    - WoTG completed
    - Abyssea boss kills + Caturea kills completed
    - Atmas + Abyssites

    Not looking for a $10,000 account or anything, but something along the lines of above standard in FFXI today.

    Nonetheless please do not hesitate to send me any and all PMs of your account with pictures (as they are easier than a description), thanks~
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