[WTB] [US] Mithra NIN account.

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    Looking for a 95 Mithra NIN with /WAR49, /DNC49 and /RDM49. Must have at least full AF3+1 (+2 preferred), Suppanomimi, Twilight Belt, Atheling Mantle and either Rajas or Sattva Ring. Would be nice to have Kamome/Oirandori/Hope Torque, also. Can be on any server as long as the Server Transfer is available. SEID information (including Q&A) must be available. Would also like to have Registration Codes and OO Information if possible.

    No other equipment or job requirements other than those mentioned above. Don't need/want a Kannagi account or any other Empyrean Weapon. Just something to play casually with a friend.

    Please PM me with account details if interested in selling something like this. Remember to mention your asking price. Thanks!
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