[WTB] [US] male hume must have blm drk 75+

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    looking for these 2 jobs and thf would seal the deal. dont mind if its stripped but if it has gil or non rare/ex gear that would help. good blm gear such as enfeeb set rest mp set nuke set. drk needs really nice gear and weapons. looking for a zerg set. must have all expantions and high ranks missions done. all nessisary subs. lemme know if you have something i may be interested in pms please
    heres a list of gear im looking to have on account
    adaman hauberk
    homan feet l hands body
    sorcs petas
    swift belt or better
    sea torques
    brutal earing
    rajas ring
    most blm afv
    new expantion gear

    if thf
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.