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    I am looking for and will pay well for a Maat's Cap or near Maat's Cap account.
    I prefer OO's with all OO info, but will consider all accounts offered.
    I am looking for an account to buy for my own use and never to sell again.
    Exceptions only being back to seller if I am no longer playing.
    The price I will pay will be based on :

    1. The closer account is to Maat's Cap the better I will pay.
    2. Original ownership or OO's basic account information and origin of account (the more detailed OO info the more I will pay).
    3. Jobs I desire at cap or close to cap.
    4. Progression of content.
    5. Playable gear status. ( Stripped or Not)
    6. Crafts (really no concern)

    If you think you have what I am looking for please PM me here and I will get back to you asap. I can and am willing to use multiple means of communication and also have multiple means of payment methods. Please PM me here and we can talk via this site or I can give you contact info (upon request) for faster real time negotiations. I prefer AIM just because it is mobile and can be on it almost anytime of day. I am willing to use and provide my own personal information.

    I have been Paypal verified for several years along with Trustwho and playerup.com.

    Thanks for your time,
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.