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    Hi ,

    I'm looking for an cheap SMN account as my 2nd account, this account should have following requierments.

    1. EU/US account dosen't matter I have both clients. (But prefer US)

    1.a Transfer Up and Ready
    1.b Provide pictures of the account and it's gears, weapons, gil etc...

    2. SMN Level: Minimum 75+

    3. Avatars: ALL (Including Fenrir and Diabolos, a big + if you have Odin & Alexander aswell)

    4. Sub jobs: All subjobs that is importent to use for a SMN I aspect is done to minimum level 49.

    5. SKY/SEA: All missions done.

    6. Abyssea Areas: If possible ALL 3, but atleast unlocked to 1st Abyssea area.

    7. Dynamis accsess to atleast Dreamland

    * The most importent ting with this account is that SMN meet all my requierments, but an extra plus for the account could be, if the account also have a PLD levled up minimum +75 and with gear.

    * My offer for such account will depends on what the account have in gear, weapons accsess, gil selliables, etc.. My bid goes from a range from min 50 US to max 150 US.

    * I can do both Paypal or send true WU, I'm validated both places and can send the money after talked with the seller and come to an equal agreements. I have lost one of my ratings sense Monarch did a rollback on website, but the last account I did get was from Neoex

    Any questions, offers, send me a PM or post your reply in this topic along with pictures of the account.
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