[WTB] [US] Kannagi nin,thf (TH6),mage account (male)

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    Returning to the game after having made the error of deleting my previous accounts when I quit...

    I've been a member of for 2 1/2 years. Any questions feel free to ask.

    Well rated seller preferred
    Paypal & WU

    I'm looking for a character that is close to my old set up and achievements.

    Must have 90+ Nin (Kannagi 85+), Thf (TH6), Whm, and Blm
    Preffered also have 90+ Dnc, Brd, Rdm, Pld (in that order of preference)
    Sad. Brd used to be my main, but abyssea killed it

    Male - Hume preferred
    Rank 10 in at least one nation - all 3 preferred
    RoZ complete - Suppanomimi
    CoP complete - Rajas or Tammas
    ToAU complete - Balrahns
    Nyzul 100
    WoTG - just have it
    ASA, ACP... the warp cape is nice and all, but really who cares
    Abyssea complete - or at least Shinryu access

    I would prefer non-stripped, but in any case the character should at least have an excellent selection of R/E gear. SE security token deactivated or never purchased.
    The price I'm willing to pay will vary based upon how close the character matches my preferences vs must haves. I'm content to wait for the right character to become available.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.