[WTB] [US] Hume 75+ PLD w/ RDM or BLM or Taru w/ 75+ RDM & BLM

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    Prefer Hume Male/Female with PLD 80+ and either RDM or BLM also 75+ Craft 80+ w/ subs
    PLD and RDM need to be fully geared. please no scrub gear not interested in salvage/dynamis i have a life and wish keep my job. want an account that i can just go solo love you.

    Taru M/F w/ RDM & BLM 80+ craft 80+
    again both fully gear for solo with af3+1 zenith 5/5 (or atleast Dalmy) AF2 5/5 MUST have Duelist hat or the +1

    also the account need to be able to be linked to my XBOX LIVE account. serious buyer, will pay more for the hume than the taru. pm with SS of gear set ups, im not interested if i cant see what im paying for, this isnt church.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.