[WTB] [US] Hey guys, looking to get back into ffxi.

Discussion in 'Final Fantasy XI FFXI Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by FFXI Accounts, 4/20/12.

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    Hellooo, looking to get back into ffxi.

    I suppose i am kind of humdy-duming around... I definitly want a female account... mithra or taru. Kinda looking for extremely high end side but not like the omfg account that costs as much as a small car kinda thing .

    Anyhoo, im super flexible about jobs... but it would be ultra cool if it had a relic.

    Anyhoo.. currently working on the budget right now as i pull out of eve online... Idd like to pick up the account hopefully over the next week.

    My budget is about 900-1000 bucks or well hey thats what im ing for soo... yeah if its like a melee relic im totally cool with you resellers like stripping the panties off it just leave the gosh darn relic you silly bunnies >:3!

    Anyways feel free to rock my thread or my inbox with your snuggly toons and i will for sure get back to you.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post, i pay by paypal, i always do middleman unless your like some kinda crack junky, and i have 100% feed back over a coupal years so yea no doupage here.

    Take care.
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