[WTB] [US] All Low-end/Mule Accounts!

Discussion in 'Final Fantasy XI FFXI Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by FFXI Accounts, 4/20/12.

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    What am I looking for?
    I'm looking to buy all of your low end accounts that aren't totally decked out, even fully stripped accounts are fine!

    -Abyssea expansions bought THIS IS REALLY MY ONLY REQUIREMENT

    -Would LOVE for them to be on Leviathan or Fenrir but if it's on another server with transfer up, that's fine.

    -Sea access, level 75ish would be fantastic, but it's no big deal if they don't have.

    What Am I Paying?
    I'm paying anywhere up to $100 for your account, depending on how many of my requirements and preferences they meet.

    Send me PM's with what you have! You'll be dealing with a very reputable user who will help anyone quickly and painlessly.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.