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    WTB: [NA] LoL Account level 30 with all/almost all the champions Hello, I've just joined this form to buy LoL accounts. I would like to buy a LoL account with almost all or all the champions and it must be level 30. It would be good to be unranked so I can rank up myself and face noobs But being ranked doesn't matter. I will pay over paypal. Here add my : KenrickMendoza and msg me saying selling LoL account. Thanks for taking the time to read this thread. Happy Trading! WTB: NA LoL account with 80+ Champs Hello everyone, today I would like to buy a League of Legends account with 80+ champions. It has to be level 30 and must be on the NA server. The more champs, the higher my offer gets. It would be nice if the account had atleast enough rp for a summoner name change. Thanks. Add me on : Kenrickmendoza I will be paying by paypal or money bookers, which ever one you want. I may go first but I would need to record the trade. - - - Updated - - - Do not add me with less than 80 champs. WTS: Selling some AWESOME Summoner NAMES like... Kitty and more! (NA SERVER ONLY) Names for sale + available only on NA server : Kitty, Spades, Grave, VIP, Over, Scope *Two Kitty Names Available; one is the original and the other is bootlegged but looks 99% similar! Leave Name/LoL in game name + Offer and I'll consider it! [SOLD] 2 NA accounts, 100champs 140skins, s2 Plat / 77champs 2 skins s2 silver Preface: 1. Before we go any further I only deal with Paypal Verified traders OR North American PSN wallet codes. 2. We arnt looking for market equivalent prices, or anything of the kind, we are quitting the game and simply wish to get a little bit of cash for our time spent on this game. I am the original owner of account A. My university roomate, owner of account B. We use to converse directly with you during the trading process. We arn't about to screw someone over, but not looking to get our accounts hijacked by some amateur scammer for a couple of days either. Particularly as...
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