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    WTB Lvl 30 LoL Account USA Pref. Sup. So my account that had every champion unlocked as well as 40 skins and 10 rune pages and just everything you pretty much need to start playing the account seriously was perm banned, sooooo I need a new account. I spent almost two years on that account. so sad Anyways, I just got my birthday money and I'm broke as hell.... So instead of spending 50$ on ip boosts and exp boosts on another account, I would much prefer to purchase a lvl 30 account. Please have decent amount of champions as well as runes. Skins arn't important but they are a bonus. Please contact me so we can being negotiation. - Brianadams21 Email - [email protected] - - - Updated - - - Scammer's I'm smarter then you, so just don't waste my time. Official scammer count - 2 WTS: Epic Pax Sivir / Riot Graves / Full Metal Rammus Bundle for EU NORDIC 10€ PSC Sivir + Pax sivir / Graves + Riot Graves / Rammus + FM Rammus Only 10 € psc for all of them. Works @ Eu Nordic East. : cagataybostanci34 Dont add me if you want another skin or another server. This codes works only @ EU NORDIC EAST WTB: Skin Codes for NA Server - Any and ALL Rare skin codes WTB: LoL Referalls [2.0 or 1.0] As title states, looking to get referalls. I'm on EUW server. : Alexandre.b.portugal Contact me ^^ WTS: NA/EUNE Riot Graves + champ, Full Metal Rammus + champ. Graves bundle, Riot skin + champion Rammus bundle, Full metal skin + Champiiom Both codes used on EUW, selling it to who ever wants it. [SOLD] EUW/EUNE Account with Striker Ezreal, Red Card Katarina and Kitty Cat Katarina hey, im looking for a EUW/EUNE league of legends account with the three following skins: Kitty Cat Katarina Red Card Katarina Striker Ezreal add me on : saberriderzero WTB: NA LoL ACCOUNT As the title says, i am looking forward to buy a LoL account, I am new to the community and may note have reputation but didnt came here to cause any trouble... Anyways... it must have like most of the...
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