WTB: Looking for a Tengu pilot

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    Hello, I'm looking for a Tengu pilot. When I say level 4, I mean level 4 or higher. Skills needed: Heavy Missile Specialisation level 4 (or 5.) All shield compensations to level 3 or higher. Shield Management level 4 or 5 Shield Operation level 4 or 5. Shield Upgrades level 4 or 5. Tactical Shield Manipulation level 4 or 5 Skills wanted (would definitely increase my chances of buying your character): Jury Rigging level 4 (or greater) Caldari Subsystems level 4 (or greater) Caldari Strategic Cruiser level 4 (or greater) Ideally your character would have: Guided Missile Precision level 3 (or greater) Missile Bombardment level 3 (or greater) Rapid Launch level 3 (or greater) Target Navigation Prediction level 3 (or greater) Warhead Upgrades level 3 (or greater) Cybernetics 5 Scanning Skills (all) 4 or 5. I don't want to spend too much time getting this character to use a Tengu proficiently. Post your offers here, or AIM me (Swizi Drew G). I'm not online 24/7. I am GMT+10:00 I'd highly prefer for people to transfer their characters to one of my accounts. I will add the additional cost to whatever I will be paying for your character. I have no budget for this character. But I really only want a Tengu character. So if you have a 60m char that can fly a Tengu, and capitals, I probably don't want it. As you can see from my feedback score, I'm a legit buyer and seller. I've been inactive for some time, but my AIM has, and always will be SWIZI DREW G. Don't fall for other people. This is my main place of contact for anything to do with account trading / RMT.
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