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    WTB: Fresh level 30 na account (must have all ad carries) ad carry skins are bonus. willing to pay $40 max, negotiable depending on your account : firesushibrah WTS: NA LVL 30 S2 gold 1557 elo . 101 champion 47 skin and 15 runepape as the tittle said. i want to sell this account ready move to another the place so i dont think i playing everyday anymore. will screenshare and screenshot anytime. add my r daicacuban all i ask is 80$. if you re scammer please dont contact me .aight WTT: lvl 30 account with 40 champs some runes pages gold s2 for eloboost. add me on for details. preffer to get 1100-1400 elo boost for it found some1 for it already... hes name is Barrockprox he did it in only 2 days very fast service. And he wanted to done the job first and then recieve the payment. i can really recommend this guy! WTB: League of Legends Skins So, I would like to buy EuW Skin codes for the following champions: Riot Singed, Riot Graves, Arcade Sona, Championship Riven, Pax Jax NA: Same + Pax Sivir Also, would like to buy codes that haven't been used AT ALL on any servers (original owners). Only serious sellers, first post here then add me on : pavlik13947268 - - - Updated - - - brendan_ftw, saying he is a moderator (cling he is J_P Devil) beware when trading with him. Even sent a link through vtunell lol .. very lame scammer .. WTB: Lol EUW/EUNE account. full info inside. im willing to buy one lol eune/euw account (if its EUW it should have a free pass for EUNE) . Account MUST have : Lots of champions Lots of runepages Clean Or above 1300elo this season Not being banned ever. Good to have : Skins ward skins legacy skins limited skins gold/silver/plat/diamond previous seasons. If you have ALL the MUST have inside your account feel free to contact me here via pm or post below. .. SECURITY * if you are unable or unwilling to provide me with the accounts e-mail that the account was created with then don't pm me please as im not going to give...
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    scammer :: Guide - How To Report A Dispute

    Hello, if someone has scammed/frauded you, please open a dispute form (takes 2 minutes) using the link below. Filing a report will then provide us the necessary information to take action against the individual and assist you at resolving the dispute.

    Disputes - Active | PlayerUp - Video Game Accounts Marketplace. Player 2 Player Secure Platform.

    Thank you for your cooperation on this matter and sorry to hear about the problems you experienced.


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