WTB: EVE PvP Pilot, low SP or trade for a higher SP pilot. Just need the pilot, not acct.Middleman Seller Guide

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    Looking to buy a focused sub 10mil sp PvP pilot, no industry please. Post what you have. Also I'd be willing to trade for a better pilot, this is what I have to offer: Blizzard Account: Diablo 3 with a level 54 Barbarian and 43 Witch Doctor. World of Warcraft with the following: Many Heirlooms PvE Bow, 2x PvE Daggers w/ +15 Agility Enchants, All Helmets, All Cloaks, PvE Staff w/ best int. enchant, PvE Agility Leather Shoulders, PvE Agility Leather Breastplate, PvE Intellect Cloth Shoulders, PvE Intellect Cloth Robe, 2x 100% Guild XP Bonus Tabards 85 Orc/Male/Death Knight Currency: 128 Gold, 539 Justice, 50 Valor, 15 Champion, 39 Mark of the World Tree, 443 Honor, 107 Tol Barad Professions: 525 Alchemy, 525 Herbalism, 525 Cooking, 525 First Aid, 461 Fishing, and 219 Archaeology. Pets: 52 Pets, some are very cool Mounts: 45, some noteable being the Red Proto-Drake, Tyrael's Charger, Drake of the West Wind, Bronze/Red Drakes, all of the black pvp mounts. Flight: All flight skills have been purchased. Reputations: 15 Exalted and many more Revered. (Most of which are Cata and WotLK Factions) Gear: Have both Tanking and DPS sets, ilvl is 380+, both spec's are raid ready and are extremely good soloer builds. 85 Orc/Male/Shaman Currency: 36824 Gold, 1417 Justice, 250 Valor, 200 Conquest, 10 Illustrious Jewelcrafter, 41 Mark of the World Tree Professions: 525 Mining, 523 Jewelcrafting, 525 First Aid, 374 Cooking Mounts: 10 Mounts, Coolest being the Black Drake Flight: All flight skills have been purchased. 84 Orc/Male/Hunter Currency: 12898 Gold, 700 Honor Flight: All Flight skills trained except for Master Riding Professions: 525 Herbalism, 525 Mining, 477 First Aid Special Hunter Combat Pets: Terrorpene, Loquen'ahak, Arcturis, Gondria, Skoll, and Uvuros 80 Troll/Male/Rogue Currency: 959 Gold, 1417 Honor, 26 Justice Flight: All Flight trained except for Master. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I also have mint conditioned Magic the Gathering cards, all standard: 2x Cavern of Souls 1x Sword of Feast and Famine 2x Snapcaster Mage 1x Geist of Saint Traft 3x Phantasmal Image 1x Gideon Jura 1x Ratchet Bomb 3x Surgical Extraction 3x Vexing Devil 4x Thunderous Wrath one being foil 1x Inkmoth Nexus 1x Isolated Chapel 4x Blackcleave Cliffs 4x Dragonskull Summit 2x Darkslick Shores 3x Somberwald Sage one is foil 1x Champion of Lambholt 4x Knight Exemplar Promo Foil (Not Standard) 1x Olivia Voldaren 4x Killing Wave 2x Black Sun's Zenith 1x Phyrexian Obliterator 1x Wolfir Silverheart And over a 1000 over commons, uncommons, and rares mostly from AvR.
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