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    I am looking for a large amount of ISK (transactions as small as 1bil are acceptable for risk mitigation, but I'm looking to move about 100bil in total.) and looking for some characters. Characters are to be traded via legitimate character transfer via EVE transfer system, no account credentials transfer or **** that gets you banned. Characters are to be Amarr or Caldari skilled in rockets, covert ops, or other WH useful skills; no Social or Traders, Miners or Industrial wanted; sorry. Range of SP from 5mil and above is acceptable, less than 5mil SP is hardly a month old and not worth my money. ISK is to be transferred through Corporation scam or other "safe" or "low-risk" method, and am willing to pay up to $14 / bil; (but hope to pay less given the bulk order requested.) Am willing to work with the seller for other arrangements other than straight cash (I own a hosting company.) Please contact me here (PM or thread reply; or using forum email.) I will share contact information (Steam, , , AIM) if asked for via PM or thread reply; but not in a post (Google friendly...) I will be paying with a Business Verified PayPal account and will not pay with Gift (gift is irreversible, the fact that my account is Business Verified and that I am willing to provide ID should be proof enough of my legitimacy, it's yours I am concerned about.) Thank you for reading this, hope to be doing business with someone within the week!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.