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    After playing FFXI for 5 years and leaving about 2 months before Abyssea came out, I recently got the trial version installed because I'm finding the latest game releases a bit of a letdown. Though starting over from scratch is dull as nobody levels in the starting areas anymore. Though I also don't care to play at hardcore endgame again, so just looking for a reasonably priced EU account to explore some new content with on my own steady pace.

    Jobs in order of preference: 1.BRD - 2.DRK/DRG/PLD - 3.THF - 4.NIN/RNG - 5.RDM/BLM
    Note that I don't need it to be a combination, it's to illustrate I'd pick a BRD over a DRG offer, and will judge a DRK and a PLD offer based on their price/value ratio (for example).
    However, you can feel free to make offers concerning other jobs as well if you have a good price (I can always level something). For the rest I prefer Elvaan(F) as a race, but it's not a huge priority.

    Payment: I prefer PayPal due to ease of use, but WU is fine as well.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.