WTB: Buying lvl 30 account with a lot of champs on any server/realm.

Discussion in 'League of Legends Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by LoL, 9/28/13.

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    Hey everyone. I'm kinda new to this website, but as the title says, im looking for an account with a lot of champions available also with some rune pages. I don't care too much about skins or rating since im a prior diamond div. 2 player. And i don't care which server it is, though i don't want a korean/asian server. Only NA, EU west or nordic. Reason why i'm buying: i recently got banned on my main account with all champions and full rune pages, asked gently for a lift in penalty, but it was a permanent ban decision so it depressed me quite hard. I was banned for no lamer reason then trying to help other players get rating/elo by boosting their accounts for riot points. Because i was bored and wanted to obtain some skins (the price for boosting was just a few riot points), but i was stupid enough to post my offer on the LoL forums and i didn't realize it was strictly against policy, so now they gave me the death penalty suspended until the year 2246.. Life sucks.. Anyway.. As mentioned, im interested in buying a new account with a lot of champions. NOTE: if the account are lacking more then 5 of the following favourite champs, i am NOT interested: Zed, Akali, nidalee, kha zix, teemo, heimerdinger, kassadin, riven, karma. Add me on : jakob.hey (from denmark, weird looking guy with sunglasses aka. me) Depending what u offer we'll figure out a fair price. I smell a scammer faster then u can smell a nasty fart from big mamma, so im only looking for honest and legit trades. Btw.. could u be interested in a full wrathful all chars WoW account on arena-tournament server with all transmog availble on most chars, we can make a trade there, since i don't play WoW anymore. Best regards Jakob
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