[WTB] Beware of this bigbankentertainment

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    i do not like to hassle anyone or make assumptions but this one is way to strange to believe him being legit this guy added me on , and here is the proof he sounds like a scammer, [4:05:00 PM] BIG BANK ENT.: Hi hotsito1! I’d like to add you on . BIG BANK ENT. [8:13:37 PM] Jose antonio: Jose antonio has shared contact details with BIG BANK ENT.. [8:13:42 PM] Jose antonio: hi [8:15:34 PM] BIG BANK ENT.: Hey [8:15:39 PM] BIG BANK ENT.: Your looking for gold, yes? [8:15:51 PM] Jose antonio: yes sir [8:15:54 PM] BIG BANK ENT.: I have 95 Mil in stock. [8:16:01 PM] Jose antonio: .77/m at this moment [8:16:09 PM] BIG BANK ENT.: Just to state off the top of the bat my friend, I will not go first [8:16:13 PM] BIG BANK ENT.: An I am not Chinese lol. [8:16:21 PM] BIG BANK ENT.: I'm actually from Canada but, I am Premier Verified. [8:16:52 PM] BIG BANK ENT.: If your also a PayPal Verified user, than we both have no issues with a scam occuring as buyer / seller protection fee's cover 100% of the sale cost. [8:17:22 PM] BIG BANK ENT.: Once the payment is received, I will immediately respond with the trade transaction. [8:17:31 PM] Jose antonio: post in my thread please [8:17:33 PM] BIG BANK ENT.: Please let me know if everything I stated sounds comfortable to you. [8:17:45 PM] BIG BANK ENT.: Your thread appeared in Google, I don't use forums. [8:17:59 PM] BIG BANK ENT.: I've got a Premier PayPal Verified Account. [8:18:07 PM] BIG BANK ENT.: With buyer / seller protection fee's. [8:18:15 PM] Jose antonio: if you cant post [8:18:20 PM] Jose antonio: and you are not willing to go first [8:18:22 PM] Jose antonio: you have a good day [8:18:32 PM] BIG BANK ENT.: If it we're a scam you could dispute it and be covered the entire 100% of sale costs, so you should have no safety concerns. [8:18:37 PM] BIG BANK ENT.: Okay. [8:18:52 PM] BIG BANK ENT.: I was just trying to help, but I don't use that website or forums in general. [8:19:02 PM] BIG BANK ENT.: A Premier PayPal Verified Account should speak for itself. [8:22:49 PM] Jose antonio: it means nothing, i am aswell you sorry as scammer [8:23:58 PM] BIG BANK ENT.: No worries man. [8:24:11 PM] BIG BANK ENT.: More customers waiting anyways. [8:24:13 PM] BIG BANK ENT.: Peace man. [8:25:34 PM] Jose antonio: you mena more targets? good luck trying to scam [8:25:50 PM] BIG BANK ENT.: lol, take care.
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