[WTB] Any lvl LoL NA Account with all (or many champs), preferably without ranked play

Discussion in 'League of Legends Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by LoL, 9/28/13.

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    Hey, I'm looking to buy an NA account with a bunch of champs. All champs would be nice, but a large amount (70+) would be fine. I don't really care if some of the most recent champs aren't included (ex: Lulu, Nautilus, Ziggs, Viktor, Ahri, Fizz). I am interested in champs like Shyvana and the ones that came before her. There are some champs I couldn't live without so if you're missing some then I'd like to know. Skins are nice but not really necessary, if you have some I'll pay more (example: I like the aviator Irelia skin and the redeemed riven skin). My idea of an ideal accout that I would pay up to $75-100 for: Level 1-30 (if 30 then unranked or low elo), ALL champions, TONS of skins for champs that I enjoy and some rune pages/runes. I'd really like it if the summoner name isn't something stupid like p3nI5m4st3r69. I might end up changing it anyways. Post here with a link to your thread or we can talk over /. Edit: As you can see I'm new so I'd prefer to do the trade with a . I have paypal
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