WTB: And/or trade for a FFXIV legacy account. Content doesn't matter...

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    So long as it's a legacy account and NA based. Firstly, I am very wary of conducting any trades or purchases on this site because it seems the vast majority of the attempts here are scams. With that said, I realize I am not verified (Yet) nor am I active or have rep. This won't be a quick trade and sell, I mean to make the effort to make sure both parties are happy and legit. I've been on the hunt for a legacy account to play with a friend who has sold me on the game and desperately wants me along for the ride, including beta. We're willing to fork over some cash and/or a number of other gaming accounts. I'm not interested in paying several hundred dollars for an account with level 50s and such. -I- want to play the game, not have it played and finished already for me. Such as: WoW account with all expansions unlocked with at least a dozen characters around level 80-85. I can get pictures of said characters if need be. None of them are decked out in the latest stuff, but most have level-appropriate crafting skills. Diablo 3 account, nothing impressive content wise. Nightmare Barb and Witch Doctor. There are other less mainstream accounts I have that are not terribly impressive or desired, but I'll list them anyway. The Old Republic (Couldn't tell you what is in that these days_ EVE (I can't recall how many skillpoints I have but I do pilot a navy issue raven for all that matters (and can pilot gallante battleships as well) Tera Online (Mid level lancer with near maxed alchemy)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.