WTB an UBER Shade with a Burden + Beast Pads + Updated Gear, offering a lot

Discussion in 'Anarchy Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Anarchy, 9/30/13.

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    As the title explains, I am looking for a Trox Shade with a burden + beast pads + updated gear such as QL 300 spirits etc... It doesn't have to have alien armor, I can get that easy, what I am interested in is the UBER non drop items, other items that is tradable is easily bought with credits. It can be RK1 or RK2, it doesn't matter, omni or clan (NO NEUTS). I got the best rep here in the AO forums and I am offering a lot of money for one, so if you have one or know someone who has what I am looking for, contact me on aim or . If it has the best gear and great rep + an ACDC, all the shade weapons, full beast gear, all gear from alaapa, apf, LE, SL quests, full QL 300 spirits + collection of all spirits, weapons, armor or any shade related gear + full CC gear etc... I am willing to offer <span style="font-weight: bold$500 - $1000 USD
    for the account, depending on gear. Been looking for one for a LONG LONG time and no luck in finding a sweet shade character that suits my taste. If you don't have all that gear, then I am still willing to offer you good money, more than anyone here as long as you have a burden + beast pads + decent shade gear. If you don't have messenger or aim, get it! No scammers please, phone conversation + full name full address info etc.. will be required in this transaction as I am spending a lot of money. : [email protected] AIM: firstn20
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.