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    My Aion account was recently banned for botting, even though it had only been played for 4 hours in the month prior to the ban and no bot had been used. NCsoft in their mighty wisdom refuses to review my case to challenge the ban, so I find myself in a dilemma. I really enjoy the game, but I don't really want to go through the whole grind from 1-40 again. With this in mind, I've entertaining offers on accounts that other people don't want anymore, as I know Aion isn't everybody's cup of tea. I am intrested in a cleric, chanter or Templar on any English speaking EU server. I'd prefer the character to be around level 40, higher isn't a problem and I'll consider lower level characters, but my own character was 40, so it would be nice to continue from there for the storyline. If I find an account and decide to purchase, I want this to be done as secure as possible, so I'll only trade with repped members and will need all the account/NCsoft master account info: - Scanned Photo ID - Key code Scanned/or email of it. - Your account Unique ID that was also emailed to you on creation. As long as you play nice, you won't have any grief from me. I have bought a wow account on spamsite about 2 years ago, which is still in my possession, can probably dig up the name of the seller if you need a refence. I would consider it a bonus if the account is a collector's edition, but it's not a necessity. I'm not looking to spend a fortune, but I'm willing to be reasonable in the price based on what's offered. Alternatively, my girlfriend has given me her account as she just can't let go of wow, so I'll consider offers for powerleveling to level 40 from people that do this 100% by hand as I will not have another account banned. I'd also expect at least campaign quests to be done by this service. All offers can be sent by PM or posted here. Regards.
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