WTB: 220 Soldier/MP Rk1 Omni or Neutral duo

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    What up . I'm looking to purchase a 220 soldier and MP that can do top buffs. What I'm looking for in particular is listed below. My is [email protected], I can TXT/talk on cellphone or homephone if requested, and can also talk over: Steam, , , ICQ. With what details I have listed below, please inform me of what else the account will include. I'm looking for a DOUBLE pack, not two accounts. Not looking for any AI CC armor either really. Soldier: Whatever top reflect shield you got Whatever top reflect aura you got Whatever top taunt you got Hopefully ALL the weapon buffs like Full auto, burst, assault rifle, shotgun, fling shot, pistol, heavy weapons, etc' Top damage aura *Really interested in this, Gazump fight is a bit much for most people, so I don't care if you have augment fight or reinforce fight Full automatic targeting nano Gear really doesn't matter. Just looking for a good buffing toon that can make awesome or decent credits on the side doing alien raids, solo missions, daily missions, etc'. On the MP: Looking for: Top mind quake nano *Metaings Improved Mind Quake* Top combat nano *Metaings improved Glacial Lance* Top nano combat reduction buff *Mocham neural web interface* Top MP Pet damage boost buff *Improved instill with malign intent* Top MP Pet Init buff *High Chant of Effortless Strikes* Top NPC Damage boost buff *Evocation of the enraged* Top Intelligence and psychic buffs *Oden's Missing Eye, Oden's Other Eye* Top Pet AC Buff *Evocation of the reinforced* Top pet nano resist buff *Evocation of the pure* Healthy Manifestation pet health buff Top MC Composite Mocham *8 hour* All highest nano QL Mochams: Time&Space, MaterialCreation, BioMet, Matmet, etc' Top MP Pets *Rihwen, Belamorte, Tumulten/Ydira* Top MP Item-summon nanos *Enel-Xum, Enel-Roch, Enel-Thar, etc* OTHER ITEMS IM LOOKING FOR ON BOTH CHARACTERS: Not looking for alien armor. If Dust Brigade and whatever gear is on the char allows it to cast its top buffs, I'm happy. MP I Usually see Dreadloch tigress as a main weapon, and I"m happy with that. Soldier wise it's the same story. Don't give a **** about alien armor, just want to be able to pump out so good PVM damage and cast the top damage auras and nullity spheres, or as high as it can go self casted. All garden keys on both characters Perhaps some twinking items Pump Trainee would be nice as well Anything else, just tell me. ---------- Post added 02-24-2011 at 05:29 PM ---------- Bumping this because I'm really desperate to find a duo account. I think it's definitely going to be hard to find such a pair, though.
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