Selling [WTB] ✳️✳️ WoW, BNS, AA, GW2, ESO gold, poe orbs etc. Instant Payment PP, Skrill, WMZ ✳️✳️

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    Bygex is buying gold on demand!

    Many Games: Buying gold for: WoW, BnS, Swtor, FFxiv, Eso, Archeage , Poe Orbs etc.
    +Many orders: We are selling / reselling and we are expanding our customer list on a daily basis.
    +Fair Price : Higher than most of the resellers out there. And we are willing to pay even more on High demand servers. Contact us for a private quote.
    +You will get paid instantly or on request via : Skrill, Paypal and WebMoney WMZ $. No fees on your part !!
    That amount of $ that you see on orders is what you will get. Stop loosing 2-7% $ on fees.
    +You can trade your balance for cheap cd-keys delivered fast. Within 5 minutes of ordering.

    Did I get your attention ?

    For more information please contact us:
    skype name "live:selltous"
    Yahoo IM : [email protected]

    Price list:

    Blade and Soul US 0.037$ per gold; High Demand 37$ 1000g
    Blade and Soul EU 0.033$ per gold; High Demand 33$ 1000g
    SWTOR EU 0.25$ per million; Low Demand!
    SWTOR US 0.25$ per million; Low Demand
    GW2 EU/US 0.032$ per gold; Low Demand 32$ 1000g
    WOW EU 0.45$ per 10k gold; High Demand . 4.5$ 100k
    WOW US 0.85$ per 10k gold; Medium Demand . 8.5$ 100k
    FFXIV ARR 0.45 $ per million; Medium Demand
    Neverwinter AD 8.7$ per 1125k AD; Low Demand
    For Archeage eu/us we're paying the ah fee. Legacy Servers Prices below
    ArcheAge EU 0.0058$ per gold; 5.8$ for 1000 golds Medium Demand
    ArcheAge US 0.0065$ per gold; 6.5$ for 1000 golds Medium Demand
    The Elder Scroll Online (EU) 0.037 $ per 1k gold; 3.7$ 100k Medium demand
    The Elder Scroll Online (NA) 0.037 $ per 1k gold; 3.7$ 100k Medium demand

    [skype]live:selltous[/skype]Use the button to avoid adding impostors!
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