[WTA] WoW account for ISK. 4x 85s, 83, 82, 80, 80

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    85 Druid - Tauren male (Ner'zhul) 310% flight, 354 ilvl pvp. 85 Paladin - Draenei male (Turalyon) 310% flight, 353 ilvl pvp. touring rocket 85 Rogue - Human female (Turalyon) 280% flight, 320 ilvl 85 Shaman - Goblin female (Azshara) 310% flight, 343 ilvl 83 Hunter - Night elf male (Turalyon) 280% flight, 291 ilvl 82 Warlock - Gnome male (Stormreaver) 280% flight, 291 ilvl 80 Priest - Troll male (Azshara) 80 Warrior - Gnome male (Turalyon) Gold: Azshara: 12.7k Turalyon: 7.2k Ner'shul: 3.6k As I'm selling the account, it has the game fully upgraded to the most recent expansion. You'd simply need to download the client and start paying $15 for access. If you're possibly interested just let me know and we can discuss further details. Also, don't forget that you can pay a nominal fee to blizzard for pretty much anything but a race change (name change, sex/appearance, server, faction) Starting BID = 15b isk B/O = 20b isk
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.