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    Morning spamsite, Bit Early for me yes! Well I have been doing some good oleo paper work, doing invoices. Comes with the job, it is nice tho! Anyway to the point! Wicked Trades is buying Accounts for the following Games! World of Warcraft, Age of Conan, Final Fantasy. EverQuest, Lineage 2 and Lord of the Rings! We are just now getting into the other games as far as selling and buying accounts. The level ranges for World of Warcraft are 50-70 If you have a Level 30-40 you do not want, just cant stand re rolling! We give $20 on the spot for anything under 45 and $5 store credit! Gear does not matter at all, we are looking for quality sellers who are willing to sell us there accounts! Money is here to be spent! $2,000! Must Go! We are ready to restock our accounts section of our website and we would like to welcome spamsite users in on this! Wicked Trades, Do not know much about us? Well I have personally been around in the industry for going on 8 years now, been doing this since I was 15 years old, I will be 24 this November. Started in the industry very young, Started with my mothers paypal account back in the Diablo 2 Days if anyone remembers that game. Even at the age of 15 I had a good attitude when dealing with customers, I am just honest and strait forward with everyone. Customers and return customers love this about myself personally and Wicked Trades. Well I am looking for Original owners of accounts only right now. You can expect a few things when selling to Wicked Trades, all our legit sellers and buyers never have issues with them. I will just make it simple and to the point, it is 8AM and I am dead tired. 1) You must be the orginal owner of the account. 2) Willing to verify yourself through telephone, Wicked Trades records all phone calls for security reasons, Just like any company does. 3)Be willing to let us log onto the account, Validate the information provided is correct and valid. 4) We have to have full control over the email before payment, once the email is changed, we then validate the question and answer by doing a password recovery. 5) There is a 30 Minutes-24 Hour Waiting period to recieve payment because we have to validate accounts in the order they are recieved. 6) If you are not TrustWho, We require a Photo ID that matches the name on the account. When selling to Wicked Trades, Submit the following information to this email. [email protected] Be honest if your not the orignal owner, we can find out. First and Last Name on The Account Address and Phone Number on the Account. Account Name: Account Password: Secret Question and Answer: Valid Landline or Cell Telephone Number: Armory Link or Clone: Once we log onto the account, Validate the Account. We will send you a email to change the account to along with the quote we have quoted your account for us to buy. If the quote is suitable for you, change the email and contact us back asap with the subject line Quote Accepted. The email will get taken care of right then. Once the email is changed we will send payment for the account out. Thanks spamsite Good Night! Tim- WT Inc Owner!
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