Sold WR, QoP, WK Arcana, Complete TI10 Items, Divine 4, Full Access Account, Verified Pro Seller

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    Hello Everyone, Selling Divine 4 | 5270 MMR Account

    Account Features
    Market Enabled ( Can Use Steam Market / Add Friend / Can Trade )
    No Ban History ( Safe Account )
    With Phone Number ( Matchmaking Ready )
    Comes with Complete TI10 Items
    - Queen of Pain Arcana
    - Windranger Arcana
    - WraithKing Arcana
    - Pudge Persona
    - Anti-Mage Persona
    Comes with Lots of Immortals, Caches and Sets
    Comes with Original Email
    Comes with Lifetime Warranty

    My Contacts for Negotiations, Questions or Inquiry
    Skype: angelfrost21
    Discord: AngeLfrosT21#3559
    WhatsApp: +639193654618
    Telegram: +639193654618
    PlayerUp: Message Me


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