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 Selling   Europe WOWs: EU Server, Multiple T10s, Significant Tech Tree Progress, 2 year Old Account

Discussion in 'World of Warships Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by SwordOfInsanity, 10/2/19.

  1. SwordOfInsanity

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    I'm selling my WoWs account:

    The account has about 1900 gold, 14 free Dockyard spaces, and 3/24 vacant slots in captain reserve. Numerous Signals/Camos/Collections/Patches from playing for ~2 years. Naval Training Center is unlocked; 10'000 Naval Research Points.

    Has the following tech tree progress:


    BB; T8 Vladivostok Purchased
    Cruiser: T10 Moskva Purchased (Legendary Module Obtained)
    DD Gunboat: T10 Khabarovsk Purchased (Legendary Module Progress (2/5)
    DD Hybrid: T10 Grozovoi Purchased (Legendary Module Progress (1/5)

    Premium Lazo in dockyard.

    2x Unique Russian Captains; Nicolai Kuznetsov, and Coal Exchange Captain @ lvl16, + 1x lvl19 Captain, and 1x lvl18 Captain.


    BB: T7 Nagato Unlocked
    Cruiser: T10 Zao Unlocked
    DD Torpedo boat: T7 Purchased
    DD Gunboat: T6 Purchased
    CV: T4 Unlocked

    Unique Commander Yamamoto


    BB: T10 Grosser Kurfust Purchased (Legendary Module Progress (1/5)
    Cruiser: T9 Roon Unlocked
    DD: T5 Unlocked

    Premium T6 DD T-61 in Dockyard


    BB: T4 Unlocked
    Cruiser Heavy: T7 New Orleans Unlocked
    Cruiser Light T7 Helena Unlocked
    DD: T5 Purchased
    CV T4 Unlocked


    BB: T7 King George V Unlocked
    Cruiser: T9 Neptune Unlocked
    DD T5 Unlocked
    CV T4 Unlocked

    Premium T7 BB Nelson in Dockyard
    Premium T6 DD Gallant in Dockyard

    Unique Commander Jack Dunkerque


    BB T4 Unlocked
    Cruiser T7 Unlocked
    DD T8 Unlocked

    Unique Commander Jean Jacques Honore

    Pan Asian:

    T5 DD Unlocked

    For additional information regarding the contents of the account, or to submit/negotiate an offer, please contact via PM or Skype: mcretz