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  1. Homra

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    ID : Homra EU server (you may see my stats on the web or wow assist on android feel free to see it ^^)
    stats : above the average (4490B, 55% winrate, 1038 average Exp, D. Ratio about 2.1)
    Ships on port : (i just wrote the ship which has more than 100k exp earned for the detail you may contact me)
    1. Yamato X : over 1.2M exp earned
    2. Grosser Kurfust : over 250k exp earned
    3. Graff Spee
    4. Nagato (fully upgraded) : about reaching 800k exp earned
    5. Fuso (fully upgraded)
    6. Bayern (fully upgraded)
    7. ARP Kongo : over 410k exp earned
    8. ARP Hiei : over 470k exp earned
    9. ARP Kirishima
    10. ARP Haruna : over 170k exp earned
    11. ARP Nachi
    12. ARP Myoko
    13. ARP Ashigara
    14. ARP Haguro
    15. ARP Takao
    16. Leander (exp earned can be research for next tier a.k.a Fiji)
    17. Farragut (exp earned can be research for next tier a.k.a Mahan)
    *total exp earned from all ship i think its about over 3M, and i think you able to buy all un-researched ships with that number of exp if you exchange it with free exp, ehehehehee :3 *correct me if i wrong xixixi
    add :
    Doubloons : 3005
    Creedits : 3.800.000
    Free EXP : 29k
    SHIPS are available to buy :
    IJN BB up to tier X
    German BB up to tier X
    USSR Cruisers up to tier VII
    German Cruisers up to tier V
    IJN cruisers up to tier VI

    note : im a BB lover so being nice with me :) once you see Homra with over than 3.5k battle with BBs ;)
    You may contact me
    Facebook : krisna n saputra
    Email : [email protected]
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  2. Middleman

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