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    Hai2u's. I am looking to come back to AO! leik amg. My WoW account is paid til next feb, 21. The toons on the account are on the realm Arthas. It's a PvP server. The toons on the account include: 53 Rogue. 20 Paladin. 10 Warrior. The account have 130ish gold on the account. I am just looking for either RL money, 1b in game money on AO, or a decent account on either RK 1 or RK 2. When I say decent, I don't mean 220 with all DB all quests done, and all armor 1337. I mean, a 220 with full Ofab or give or take some items. I don't need alien armor or anything like that. Also, keep in mind, I don't have any creds so, if you could leave maybe 2m-10m on the account, that would be dandy! :p I am paypal verified. I am not verfied on MD, cause I havent taken the time to do it. I am very trustable though, I ussually go first. WARNING: Do not take advantage of me [​IMG] or I will go in a corner and cry! :p Anywho, I do know some people that I have done transactions with before, who could holla at you [​IMG] I trade only by phone or . You must have some kind of feedback to trade with me, or your going first! :p So! What am I looking for? I am looking for an account that needs a good owner, one that wasn't ignored and outdated scince 2004 with only a couple buffs and a alien bat to smack with 4 dmg. I am looking for something in between fairly decent to good. The proffession? I am looking at: Adventurer, Enforcer, Doctor, Keeper, or Agent. I am also accepting other proffs, but they will me a maybe to no thanks mang. The levels I am looking for are, 210+. Thats it! Thank you for reading peeps! [​IMG] My : [email protected] My Cell Phone(USA): 8472547009 - Call or TxT meh arse. [​IMG]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.