WoW account - 8 85's and 2 90's for trade for LoL NA Account

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    ONLY DEALING WITH REPPED / TRUSTED MEMBERS. I am the ORIGINAL OWNER. I can send a picture of the ID, I am legit, you get ALL INFO to this account. You will get my personal cell phone number, address, etc. All I want is a nice LoL account for something I no longer use, and haven't for a while. Do not try any bull**** scams because I am not retarded. Also, read the first line. I have no problems going first, since you will be repped / trusted. POST HERE, I DIDN'T POST MY FOR A REASON. Now that is out of the way ... Account has 67 mounts ... some of the mentionable ones are : Albino Drake, Black War Mammoth, Blue Proto Drake, Grand Black War Mammoth, Heart of the Aspects, Ironbound Proto Drake, Brewfest Kodo, Rivendares Deathcharger, White Hawkstrider, Vitreous Stone Drake, X-53 Touring Rocket Level 85 Male Undead Priest - Maiev (PVP) Level 85 Male Goblin DK - Thrall (PVE) 525 Blacksmithing / 525 Mining Level 85 Male Troll Druid - Thrall (PVE) 525 Inscription / 525 Herbalism Level 90 Female Blood Elf Paladin - Burning Blade (PVP) - 610 Enchanting / 594 Jewelcrafting Level 85 Male Troll Mage - Burning Blade (PVP) - 525 Tailoring / 505 Enchanting Level 85 Male Orc Hunter - Burning Blade (PVP) - 500 Leatherworking / 510 Enchanting Level 85 Male Tauren Druid - Burning Blade (PVP) - 501 Leatherworking / 525 Skinning Level 90 Female Human Warrior - Sargeras (PVP) 555 Blacksmithing / 600 Mining - About 7k gold Level 85 Human Male Priest - Sargeras (PVP) Level 85 Male Human Paladin - Sargeras (PVP)
Thread Status:
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